Lawn Maintenance

Welcome to Hegarty’s Landscaping. We are a family owned and operated business that is proud to have been servicing the North Andover and Andover areas for over a decade now. We offer a variety of different services to our clients, from landscaping and landscape maintenance, landscape lighting, hardscaping and much more. Our friendly staff are always happy to come to your home or property and provide you with a custom design and quote for your next landscaping project.
We provide landscape maintenance such as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly lawn cuts, customized to your needs and lawns requirements. Complete spring and fall cleanups leaves removed, edges and hedges trimmed, tree debris and rubbish, mulch installation, sprinkler system maintenance, servicing and blowouts, lawn aeration and overseeding of lawns and turf.
If you have already invested a lot of your hard-earned money and time into getting a professional landscaping job done around your home, then the last thing that you want is to see that go to waste. Ensuring that your landscaping receives the proper landscape maintenance is crucial in ensuring that it stays healthy and looks fantastic. At Hegarty’s Landscaping, we understand how to give your landscaping the professional and friendly service and maintenance that it deserves.
Hegarty’s Landscaping and landscape maintenance aren’t just for residential properties either. We provide professional landscaping and landscape maintenance services to a number of corporations and businesses located within the North Andover and Andover areas. We understand how important it is to maintain a professional business environment at all times. That’s why we can come to your business and tailor a custom landscape maintenance package to suit your needs when you need it.
If you have a professionally landscaped property, or you have spent a lot of time on your property yourself, maintaining it can become a full-time job in itself. We all live extremely busy lives, with professional and social commitments that often leave us putting off the things we really need to get done. Unfortunately, one of the first things that we put off is our landscaping, and especially our landscape maintenance. Even the most expensive landscaping requires a certain amount of care and attention. That’s where we can step in and ensure that your property is looking its best all year round, ready to use when you want.
If you have a property that everybody in the neighborhood admires then, you need to ensure that it gets the attention it needs to keep it looking fabulous! If you need any landscape maintenance services such as; weekly lawn cutting, hedges and edges trimmed and cleaned up, fall or spring cleanups, mulch installation, sprinkler system blowouts, installation or maintenance, overseeding and lawn aeration.
If you have any questions about the maintenance your landscaping or property requires, would like a custom quote or talk about weekly or monthly maintenance plans then don’t hesitate to contact us at Hegarty’s Landscaping. Our friendly and professional staff are always happy to travel to your home or commercial property and discuss lawn maintenance or landscaping with you. We can come up with a custom quote to suit any size property or any size budget. Our professional team will work with you to come up with a plan that keeps your landscaping looking fantastic and healthy for years to come!

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