What is Mulch?mulch, mulching, garden mulch, mulch sale,

Mulch is a product used to cover over soil. It is often composed of wood, tree bark, needles, leaves, or grass. Sometimes mulch is made from gravel or pebbles or other inorganic materials such as recycled tires. Mulching over planting beds helps conserve water and provides a beautiful uniform texture and color. Mulch is an essential component of any New England Landscape.

Why You Should Be Mulching?

Mulch not only benefits your plants and soil but it also beautifies a garden. Mulch protects plants’ roots from extremes of cold and heat, by creating a buffer between the soil and the air. It keeps soil moist longer after irrigation, giving roots extra time to soak up the water. This saves you water and money. In areas of deep shade, where turf and ornamental won’t thrive, consider mulch as a New England alternative to leaving the ground bare. Mulch can also be used as an attractive ground cover where it’s difficult to mow or irrigate. And mulch doesn’t just help your plants: it can add nutrients to the soil as its organic components decompose, increasing soil’s fertility and improving its aeration, structure, and drainage. Mulch can even help protect plants from certain diseases and reduce erosion.