Spring Cleanups


Prepare Your Landscape

New Englands harsh winters take their toll on your shrubs, lawn, gardens and bushes. Order your yard clean up with one of Hegarty’s Landscaping Spring Clean Up programs. Spring clean-ups are traditionally done after the snow has melted and the grass is dry enough to have equipment on without causing damage.

Spring Clean Up Services Include:

    • Raking leaves
    • Picking up all yard debris
    • Cutting back perennials and grasses
    • Redefining flower and shrub beds
    • Cultivating beds that are not mulched

Additional services that may be requested include:

    • Lawn aerating
    • Bush trimming
    • Power raking
    • Shrub trimming
    • Lawn seeding
    • Mulching
    • Planting annuals
    • Applying fertilizer
    • Ongoing

Spring Clean Up begins in March when the weather permits and continues through April.

The basic spring cleanup spruces up your lawn by removing all leaves, sticks, and debris. Fertilizing your lawn is a great way to make sure your lawn is fed in order to look its finest. We prefer to remove the yard waste by hauling away the debris ourselves. During the first mow of the season we can provide de-thatching to give the lawn the spring wake up.